How to prepare beforehand for a license application to sell cannabis

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apply for cannabis selling license in Thailand

How to prepare beforehand for a license application to sell cannabis

To secure a license to sell cannabis in Thailand, the most important thing is to be well-prepared before lodging your documents to government agencies because those will be taken into consideration by the authorities when granting a license. If you are unable to meet these requirements, you may not be able to apply for a license or the authorities may suspend your license application review. Please make sure you have the following things ready.

1.       Company Registration

Both individuals and entities are eligible to apply for a license to sell cannabis. However, setting up a business entity will have a significant positive impact on confidence in business operations. If you want to hold a cannabis license as individuals, ensure that you do not have any criminal records related to drugs.


2.       Location

A license applicant is required to have a suitable location for cannabis storing, selling or cultivating (if you request a cultivation license). Before renting or purchasing a building for a cannabis storefront or inventory, you need to check that it is not in a residential area, near an educational institution, near a place of worship, or in a prohibited zone where the sale of cannabis is prohibited. Before submitting your application for a license, you will need to prepare information about what products you will be selling: consumer products, items or food, including whether they are in form of cannabis buds or leaves. This is necessary in order to determine what type of registration you require because each license application has different procedures. Especially if you sell cannabis-infused food, you need to strictly adhere to the cannabis licensing regulations.


3.       Customers

It is a must to know whether your customers are individuals who purchase your products for their own use or are distributors or resellers. If they are the latter, you need to check that your customers obtain a license to sell or cultivate cannabis.


4.       Source of Cannabis

The cannabis you sell or cultivate must come from a licensed site. It is therefore important to check a license of your suppliers before agreeing to trade with them.


Selling cannabis products is not yet entirely open in Thailand. There are also many legal regulations in place to control over cannabis selling so those who are interested in selling cannabis in Thailand must have the assurance that all relevant legalities are taken care of. If you have any questions about the licensing regulations or would like to apply for a license, we will be more than willing to assist you. Please feel free to reach us at or Whatsapp: (+66) 899885186.



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