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Chandislaw Co., Ltd. is a Thai law firm providing legal services to both Thais and foreigners who are seeking advice about civil and commercial law, labor law, family and juvenile law, criminal law, various Thai acts as well as others related to business operation and investment in Thailand from Thai law experts.

We have a team of attorneys and lawyers with a wide breadth of knowledge and specialized expertise in litigation to protect our clients’ interests and to ensure precise assessment and meticulous preparation on court proceedings. We have extensive litigation experiences with favorable verdicts in more than one hundred cases including contract cases, family cases, drug cases, actual bodily harm case, fraud cases, and other serious criminal cases.

With our core working philosophies, integrity, impartiality and responsibility, that we have always strictly upheld as our customers know, we are gaining trust and growing rapidly.


Our services

Advice on Thai Law

We have a team of well-rounded consultants in many practice areas such as civil and commercial law, family and juvenile law, laws related to business and investment. Our team is ready to provide you an advice through various channels such as having a meeting or other communication forms.

For investors or those who are deciding to enter into certain legal agreement with counterparties in Thailand, whether for establishing a business or entering into a joint venture or trading contract, and are concern about the legality or fairness of the contract, consulting with a lawyer is highly recommended before entering into any legal agreement. We are also happy to represent you in negotiating with the other party for your mutual benefit and to ensure it meets the requirements of applicable laws.

Furthermore, we serve as an in-house solicitor for international organizations doing business in Thailand. Our services cover a full range of consulting, lawyering, legal contract management as well as interacting with government and private agencies on behalf of our clients. Our services also include license applications and other actions in accordance with legal requirements.

If you are a foreigner married to a Thai spouse and are having problems about marital property, legal divorce, legal claims, having a legal advisor is a must for you. And if you need to go to trial, it is necessary to have an experienced and trustworthy lawyer for satisfactory outcomes.


Court Proceedings

When disputes cannot be resolved through arbitration or mediation and so asking for a trial is your next option, having a strong team of attorneys is one of the key factors for a desirable outcome. Our team of attorneys are endowed with a wide range of litigation experience, giving you confidence when handling a lawsuit both as a plaintiff and as a defendant.


Be Authorized Representative

There are many tasks that you may need to delegate to a trusted representative to perform on your behalf. Most of the time, the authorized person will be an attorney or lawyer, especially in matters relating to personal and business interests. We have been entrusted by many customers to undertake various activities on their behalf to make sure that the intent and purpose of such missions are achieved.

Register and License Application

Certain business operations or investments in Thailand require a license from the relevant government agency to verify that such operation is legal. We have a team to apply for the registration of a company, factory or specific business, ensuring that your business is legal.

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Buying property in Thailand as a foreigner

Thailand is considered as one of the most favorite tourist countries and destinations from around the world. With the pleasant climate and friendly culture, foreigners desire to live in Thailand permanently, especially in the popular provinces such as Phuket, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, etc. Expat retirees and investors prefer to find housing in such famous provinces. The most popular properties are pool villas and condominiums.

Buying and holding real estate in Thailand for foreigners is subject to the following four mandatory criteria. These are government measures in place to encourage foreigners to invest in Thailand.

1.       Be wealthy foreigners

2.       Be expat retirees

3.       Be a foreigner who intent to work in Thailand

4.       Be a foreigner who possess certain skills, can live and work in Thailand


However, there are some conditions for buying or holding real estate, including:

1.       Foreigners can hold land ownership of up to one rai.

2.       Foreigners acquiring land must invest no less than 40 million baht in a specified business or enterprise and retain the investment for at least 3 years.

3.       Foreigners can own land in the designated area and for residential purposes only.


It can be seen that buying real estates in Thailand is not as easy as Thais for foreigners because there are many rules and conditions set by the government with the objective of stimulating the economy and attracting foreign investors including high potential and wealthy foreigners to spend money in the country.

And with such limited conditions, foreigners wishing to own a property in Thailand but do not meet the above qualifications may resort to marrying a Thai citizen or setting a Thai company in which the majority of the shareholders are of Thai nationals. However, such methods often have subsequent problems such as the division of property after divorce or being inspected by the Anti-Money Laundering Office, etc.

If you are a foreigner fascinated by the beauty of Thailand and would like to live among the friendly cultures and legally reside in Thailand, you may need a consultant providing advice to own land or housing that meets your lifestyle. Legal advisors of Chandis Law Co.,Ltd. are happy to give you advice. Please feel free to contact us at Email: chandislaw@gmail.com


or contact our authorised agent;

Ms.Patcharaporn Nahim 

Whatsapp: +66 (0) 89-697-9778

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