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If your marriage life is unable to move forward and the termination is a problem for you.

Exercising your rights in the Court can be a powerful solution even though you registered your marriage in other country. Firstly, you need to know what are the grounds for divorce in Thailand.

The Grounds of action for divorce are as follows:

1.      One spouse who is maintaining or lauding other person as his or her spouse or having got an adulterer or has sexual intercourse regularly

2.      One spouse has had the immorality if it causes the other spouse; (a) being seriously ashamed (b) being hated on the ground of husband or wife of the spouse having committed the immorality (c) to sustain injury or trouble when condition of being husband or wife has been taken into consideration 

3.      One spouse committed physically or mentally harm the other spouse or has disgraced the other or the ascendants of the other

4.      One spouse has deserted the other for more than one year, the other side is able to enter the action for divorce

5.      One spouse has been adjudged by the final imprisonment and has been imprisoned for more than one year in the offence being committed without any participation of the other side. The cohabitation as husband and wife can cause the other side sustain the excessive trouble, the one spouse can claim for divorce

6.      The spouse volunteer to live separately for more than three years or live separately for more than three years by the order of the Court, one spouse can claim for divorce

7.      Either husband or wife has been adjudged as the disappearance person or left from the residence for more than three years

8.      One spouse has not given the support to the other side

9.      One spouse has been the insane person for more than three years

10.   One spouse has broken the bond of good behavior, the other side can claim for divorce

11.   One spouse suffers from communicable disease which is able to cause the damage to the other side

12.    One spouse has physical disadvantage, permanently unable have sexual intercourse as husband and wife


In case you are being sued for divorce by your spouse, you need a litigator to be your representative in the Court and reply to the Court within 15 or 30 days. If you ignore it after receiving a summon you may lose your case.

Family problems are serious matters. If you need a lawyer with experience in handling the divorce case in Family Court to advise you, our lawyer in Chandis Law office can assist you with your divorce proceedings. Feel free to contact us by fill in the contact form and we will reply you shortly. CONTACT FORM or email us: 

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