Seminars and Site visit tours of opportunities in land development investment in Thailand

“For foreign investors interested to make a profit in short time by investing in land development business.”

11-14, August 2023                            
Khon Kaen - Udon Thani - Nong Khai


Hosting a first-time seminar on opportunities in land development investment in Thailand, together with a tour activity to visit the real places that have brought success and huge profits for investors.


Introduced seminar topics by a speaker who is a land development and real estate project manager, present various types of land investment that is currently in trend and generates huge returns, and get to know investment opportunities to earn more than 100% profit.

Take a tour of the actual projects

Take investors on a tour of land development projects and various types of real estate to see the economic potential in that province as well as the opportunities to earn a profit in a very short period of time from land investment in Thailand.

If you are interested or require more details, our authorised agent is willing to help you.

Please contact Khun Patcharaporn nahim at +66 (0) 89 6979778​




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